Goat Tree Productions

Goat Tree Productions is a film production company committed to examining complex social issues through innovative storytelling. Utilizing both film and written journalism, we focus on social justice issues, women's empowerment, and sharing the voices that don't get the attention they should.


Small Family, Happy Family (2019)

Mitilesh, a young woman from Central India, is recruited by local health workers to get sterilized in a mass surgical ‘camp’. As she decides to undergo the surgery, her narrative is situated in the larger context of population control in India - one that has for decades sacrificed women’s health and reproductive rights in the name of economic progress.

Small Family, Happy Family premiered at Big Sky Film Festival on February 23rd, 2019.

"Nasbandi" (2014)

"Nasbandi" is a short documentary telling the stories of four women as they reflect on their decision to get – or not get – sterilized. Through the narratives of Sarita, Pushpa, Sundara Devi, and Roopa, the film dives into larger issues of gender equality, and questions whether sterilization is ultimately helping India’s future.