Goat Tree Productions

Goat Tree Productions is a film production company committed to examining complex social issues through innovative storytelling. Utilizing both film and written journalism, we focus on social justice issues, women's empowerment, and sharing the voices that don't get the attention they should.


Welcome Aboard

Hello and welcome to the newly minted Goat Tree Productions blog. After a long 10-month take-off period, we have now reached cruising altitude. Co-pilots Anne Munger and Zoe Hamilton have safely arrived in the Indiasphere where they will remain for roughly five months, steering this adventure. We thank you for joining us on this journey, and we welcome you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

Before we officially begin (now that we’ve officially begun), let us tell you how great it is to have you with us. Our journey is not 100% mapped, and that is intentional. It leaves room for the improvisational dance that is film production: late nights, new connections, new characters, last minute invitations.

Please do not be alarmed by a fair amount of turbulence as this is expected and the aircraft has been designed to withstand a variety of setbacks, upsets, speed bumps, and detours.

You may have noted the slight jolt several weeks ago, when India wiped out half its currency. We apologize for any spilled drinks.

We are likely to be here in Delhi for a month, enough time to swim through the death smog and ATM lines, to assimilate to the city buzz before we leave the city buzz to India’s villages. Our current flight plan takes us to the mythical state of Bihar next, perhaps Jharkhand, definitely a side trip to MP and maybe Chhattisgarh. All options, all possibilities for our next 5 months.

We will post regular updates, poems, photos and links to this blog so stayed tuned, welcome aboard, and hang on tight!